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Che - Sexy 70 - Music Inspired By The Brazilian Sacanagem Movies of 1970s

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Muito bom, só sonzeira, bons textos, em inglês, tem que queimar a mufa, Nào tem jeito. Esse disco e texto retirei deles na cara dura.

This CD is the latest on Vampi Soul and the first in a set of three releases giving us a closer look at some great Brazilian music.

This one is however comes from a somewhat unlikely source. Sub-titled, “Music inspired by the Brazilian sacanagem movies of the 1970s,” it would appear that going to a specialist X-Rated Cinemas in Brazil in pre-video porn times was very much the same experience as it was in Europe. Low budget, poor scripts (if any) and off-comedy were trademarks. Whilst I can’t imagine there was anything like ‘No Sex Please, We’re Brazilian’, if there is such a thing, the person that would know is our man Alexandre Caparroz (aka Che).

Che has done all the hard work for us and is an expert on what was called locally pornochanchada. In addition to the film, what he also loved was the soundtracks and aspired to put together a compilation CD of all the best bits. You can image his frustration when it proved impossible to get licences to put together the original recordings for this CD. There’s no equivalent to the Performing Rights Society in Brazil for 30 year-old porn soundtracks but that’s not going to stop our modern day musical David Cardoso. Che has re-recorded all the tracks himself and even some of the original dialogue is included (just how deep is that guys voice on ‘Tá Tudo Errado Porra!’?). Think of this as a ‘small’ world Glideascope in its cinematic adventure.

Inevitably, some of the tracks are quite cheesy like the Bontempi organ beats of ‘Suite Para Pereio’, the disco instrumental ‘Sala Especial’ or others that would have graced any 70s Latin Hospital soap opera. Actually they grow on you but the obvious ones that work best for me are the jazz funk vibes based tracks like ‘Helena X Aldine’, ‘Pixoxó Em Lua De Mel’ and ‘O Eterno Pecado Horizontal’; I wonder what that last one is all about?

‘A Babilônia De David’ is a bit of an opus as we get the big sweeping strings with the vibes at a Nicola Conte pace whilst ‘Simplesmente Glória’ get us in the laid back seductive mood.

Current favourite is the Dub Version of ‘Babilônia’ which is a bit of a cheat as this and the other remix and bonus track are, if you like, ‘less authentic’ and more of today.

But the thing here is that this is a celebration of a part of 1970s Brazilian sub-culture. Our man Che certainly looks the part astride a 4-cylinder CB750 black Honda, demin shirt, Magnum ‘tash golfing trousers and the obligatory shades.

Che - Sexy 70 - Music Inspired By The Brazilian Sacanagem Movies of 1970s

1. Intro / A Jeitosa Do Morro (3:27)
2. Helena X Aldine (3:36)
3. A Babilônia De David (2:10)
4. Desejos Ardentes (2:43)
5. Vinheta (0:35)
6. Pixoxó Em Lua De Mel (2:21)
7. Vera, A Diaba Loira (3:03)
8. Simplesmente Glória (3:06)
9. Mlher Objeto (1:55)
10. Um Grapete ANtes, Um Cigarro Depois (0:38)
11. O Eterno Pecado Horizontal (3:58)
12. Suite Para Peréio (4:29)
13. Sala Especial (3:00)
14. Tá Tudo Errado Porra! (1:48)
15. Pixoxó Remix (3:17)
16. Babilônia Dub Version (4:49)
17. Ainda Te Pego (Bônus Track) (2:55)

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