domingo, 9 de outubro de 2011

Dj Mitsu the beats - New awakening (2003)

Dj Mitsu the beats - New awakening.

1. Miwa Says...
2. Intro (feat. Hunger From Gagle)
3. Pursuits Of Clarity (feat. Agape From Isosceles)
4. Tokyo (feat. K-Otix)
5. Material War (feat. Promoe From Looptroop)
6. M.O.O.D. For Otis
7. Stolen Moments (feat. Audessey The Sound Sci)
8. Feeling Alright
9. Jazz (feat Hunger From Gagle)
10. Away (feat. Lady Alma)
11. Music Mate (feat. Stone Love A.K.A. Mahya)
12. Rendezvous (feat. Mark De Clive- Lowe)
13. Negative Lon
14. Right Here (feat. Dwele)
15. Do Right (feat. Rich Medina)
16. Jazzorgy

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