terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2009

DJ Vadim – U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun (2009)

On "U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun" Vadim hits every note and every colour, not just the black and white ones. Like all Vadim projects, the songs here are fresh, funky and fun. There are reggae rubs that could sit next to Desmond Decker ; neo-soul and conscious-rap jams that recall Q Tip or Jill Scott ; experimental gems akin to the work of Flying Lotus or J Dilla. Mostly though it’s the sound of music being embraced and loved, and of a re-inspired life being lived. If ATCQ hadn’t already used Beats, Rhymes & Life as an album title, it would be equally suitable here…
Dj Vadim it's one of the best, most creative and soul deeper dj/producers nowadays.
Listen to dis, please!!!!

DJ Vadim – U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun

01. Soldier (ft. Big Red & 5Nizza)
02. R3 Imaginashun
03. That Lite (ft. Juice Lee & Rjay)
04. Thrill Seeker (ft. Sabira Jade)
05. Beijos (ft. Heidi Vogel)
06. Saturday (ft. Pugz Atomz)
07. Strictly Rockers 215
08. Under Your Hat (ft. Kathrin deBoer & Governor Tiggy)
09. Game Tight
10. You Are Yours (ft. Yarah Bravo)
11. Maximum (ft. La Methode)
12. I Want To Shout Out (ft. Sabira Jade)
13. Always Lady (ft. Pugs Atomz & Wes Restless)
14. Pink Stiletoes (ft. Sunny)
15. Thrill 103
16. Rock Dem Hot
17. Hidden Treasure (ft. Sabira Jade & Kwasi Asante)
18. Tu He Ma Ne Toddy

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