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Roy Ayers - Red, Black and Green (1976)

Grande disco do "vibrafonista", mestre total. Este capta o exato momento em que o professor Roy estava deixando o jazz de lado e se convertendo definitivamento ao lado funk da forca. Contando com um time de estrelas o mestre, hora no Hammond, hora no piano e vocais nos presenteia com composicoes e covers do mais pesado calibre.
Vale aferir!!!


Seminal early funk work from Roy Ayers! The record catches him at that perfect point when he was turning from a straight jazz player into a sinister force in 70s funk -- and the group on the session includes super-hip soul jazz giants like Charles Tolliver, Sonny Fortune, and Harry Whitaker, running through short hip soul tracks that were very different than the style of music they were laying out on albums of their own. Roy's on organ, piano, vibes, and vocals -- and he also handles the arrangements, with extra help on strings by William S Fischer, whose usual dark touches come across very well here. The album features some great soul covers -- like "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Day Dreaming" -- plus the original tracks "Cocoa Butter", "Rhythms of Your Mind", and "Red Black & Green".

Roy Ayers - Red, Black and Green

1 Ain't No Sunshine 6:23
2 Hence Forth 3:52
3 Day Dreaming 5:35
4 Red, Black and Green 4:40
5 Cocoa Butter 4:50
6 Rhythms of Your Mind 3:08
7 Papa Was a Rolling Stone 5:33

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