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Guru - Jazzmatazz Vl 2 : The New Reality

Segundo disco da série desenvolvida pelo Rapper Guru. Nesta edição do projeto, Guru conta com participações tão ou mais cabulosas se compararmos com o time que fez parte do primeiro albúm da série Jazzmatazz.
O Padrão é seguido, apesar de eu achar o vl 2 menos jazz e mais acid jazz, a essência do projeto ainda esta la, bem viva e pulsando em cerca de 94.Bpm's.
Baixa ae, esse disco assim como o primeiro que postei um tempo atrás é básico, se vc gosta de Brand New Heavies, Buckshot Lefonque, US3, Miles Davis, Tom Browne, Digable Planets, Tribe Called Quest, etc, etc e etc.

The follow-up to the heavily acclaimed Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1. This album might not have quite as much jazz-rap power as the first volume did, but it's still quite good. Some of the big guns of jazz found their way into the album, including Branford Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard, Ramsey Lewis, and Kenny Garrett. Underground rapper Kool Keith also makes an appearance, as are Chaka Khan and Me'Shell N'Degeocello; Jamiroquai helps out in another. In some ways, the personnel on this album may be slightly superior to the first outing, but the music also seems a tiny bit blander. Still, what makes the Jazzmatazz albums special is the live synthesis of jazz and rap. With Guru's vocals over the top of live jazz performers (as opposed the usual samples), interplay is facilitated between the two, and thus a whole new dimension is added to the fusion. For someone interested in jazz-rap in general, the first album is a higher priority (as would be Us3's albums, with extensive Blue Note sampling), but this album is still high on the list.

Guru - Jazzmatazz Vl 2 : The New Reality

1 Light It Up (Intro)/New Reality Style [Jazzalude II] - Colin, Elam 1:44
2 Life Saver - Bess, Elam, Evans 4:13
3 Living in This World - Elam, Miller 4:29
4 Looking Through Darkness Elam, Harris 4:48
5 Watch What You Say [Interview] - Guru, Holland, Marsalis ...5:00 Performed by: Guru, Chaka Khan, Branford Marsalis
6 Defining Purpose [Jazzalude II] - Colin, Elam, McNeil 1:02
7 For You Elam 4:10
8 Medicine [Mental Relaxation] - Guru, Harris, Kamoze, Sparks 4:19
9 Lost Souls - Bess, Elam, Jamiroquai, Kay 4:12
10 Nobody Knows (The Real Deal) - Connors, Elam 3:58
11 Hip Hop as a Way of Life [Jazzalude III] - Colin, Elam, Lee, McNeil 1:17
12 Respect the Architect - Elam, Reed 4:51
13 Feel the Music - Elam, Hayden 3:57
14 Young Ladies - Elam, Guy, Patra, Thornton 4:12
15 The Traveler - Byrd 4:01 Performed by: Guru, Donald Byrd
16 Maintaining Focus [Jazzalude IV] - Colin, Elam 1:18
17 Count Your Blessings - Guru 4:02
18 Choice of Weapons - Elam, Johnson 4:24
19 Something in the Past - Elam 3:19 Performed by: Guru, Freddie Hubbard
20 Revelation (Alot on My Mind) - Elam, Johnson, Jordan 4:35 Performed by: Guru, Ronny Jordan

Guru ft Baybe - The Lifesaver

Guru ft. Chaka Khan - Watch What You Say

Guru's Jazzmatazz - Feel The Music

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