quinta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2007

Mais duas clássicas!!!!!!! Ouve ae e depois baixa pq vale!!!!

Tyrone Davis - In The Mood

quem usou......

MC Eith - It's All For The Money
Meu bruxo, se tu gosta de rap, west coast fodido, baixa esse som agora!

(Só clicar no nome dos sons e mandá brasa)

Bio do Tyrone:

The king of romantic Chicago soul, Tyrone Davis' warm, aching vulnerability and stylish class made him especially popular with female soul fans during a lengthy hitmaking run that lasted throughout the '70s. Best known for the classics "Can I Change My Mind" and "Turn Back the Hands of Time," Davis was a versatile baritone singer who could handle everything from pop-soul to funk to bluesy chitlin-circuit R&B, but smooth soul was his true bread and butter. Once Davis broke through in the late '60s, he never really stopped recording; although the R&B chart hits dried up by the early '80s, he was still going strong into the new millennium, decades after his first single was released.

Bio do Eith:
Veteran West Coast gangsta rapper MC Eiht dedicated much of his life to rap, beginning his seminal career with Compton's Most Wanted (CMW) while only a teenager. Despite his youth, Eiht's contributions helped catapult CMW to national fame in 1990 with It's a Compton Thang. The group followed the lead of fellow Compton gangsta rappers N.W.A, but were a bit less controversial and, in turn, much less popular. CMW released two more albums -- Straight Checkn 'Em (1991) and Music to Driveby (1992) -- before Eiht began his solo career in 1993 with the group's producer, DJ Slip, in tow and "Steiht Up Menace" as his solo debut single. His debut solo album, We Come Strapped, topped Billboard's R&B album chart a year later. Eiht's sales numbers unfortunately went downhill from there, though he retained a cult audience over the years and remained loyal to longtime affiliates Slip and Mack 10.

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